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Properly maintained LOX equipment is the lifeblood of a profitable HomeCare liquid oxygen provider. Unfortunately, not everyone has the manpower or expertise to accomplish this. Outsourcing becomes the only other alternative. Cryofab, Inc. can custom-fit a repair service to meet your requirements from yearly certifications to major re-building. We will work with you to develop a maintenance program to fit all budgets and requirements.
Authorized service outlet for PENOX

Our thorough
Repair Procedure:
Log in (FDA paperwork filled out)
Inspect for visible defects
Diagnose (liquid tested for plumbing and vacuum integrity)
Estimate costs for customer approval
Repair as per customer instruction
Re-evacuate if necessary
Outer buff if requested
Replace parts
Re-assemble plumbing
Liquid test and flow verify for patient-ready set-up
Complete and file FDA paperwork

There are
Multiple Levels
to our Repair Program

Beginning with Basic Service, containers are filled for NER certification and the set up process for a “Patient Ready Return.”
Once a container has liquid in it, a determination is made as to whether a re-evacuation is required. This is accomplished through a weight monitoring procedure on an accurate scale. If the container falls within the original manufacturer specification it moves to completion. If it is out of spec the next level is Re-Evacuation. The container is placed on a mass spectrometer for a vacuum integrity test. If it passes it proceeds to final evacuation, buffing and Basic Service. Failure of the mass spectrometer test dictates an inner leak, which can only be repaired through a complete re-building of the container. We call this a Major Repair. After being re-built the container once again is buffed and finished with a Basic Service.
The customer also has the option of sending in a container without the plumbing if they have some diagnostic capability on sight.
The vacuum level in a cryogenic liquid oxygen unit is one of the most important aspects in keeping a system operating properly and efficiently. Without a good vacuum level in your base or portable unit, the performance is severely hampered and can cause unnecessary costs in the way of extra deliveries and service calls.
Not anyone can re-evacuate a cryogenic container and guarantee longevity. It takes not only proper equipment, but time-proven procedures to make sure the vacuum levels on cryogenic dewars
last for years. Choosing the RIGHT service provider can be the difference between a vacuum lasting 18 months or multiple years after the fact.

Cryofab, Inc. is a cryogenic container manufacturer with a 32-year history of excellent products, services and reputation. We follow good manufacturing practices, which in turn are used in the service entity of our business. It is our philosophy to be thorough through all aspects of container service, from the time the container arrives to its return to the customer. Testing and evacuation is done with industry standard equipment. FDA guidelines and paperwork are kept and filed for tracking purposes. We offer a one year warranty on vacuum work and 90 days on parts.

All industries continually evolve, especially HomeCare. Cryofab maintains up to date procedures, training and available educational programs. This enables us to maintain the quality of service and transfer of information that you, the customer, demands.

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