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When owning equipment or purchasing is not an option, Cryofab can offer you rental units, both bases and portables. The same quality and service oriented attitude used in our repair and reconditioning programs is also inherent with our fleet of rental equipment. All units are delivered to you patient ready, fully tested and FDA compliant. This option is as trouble free as possible with Cryofab bearing the responsibility of keeping the units in perfect working order outside of mishandling and tampering occurrences.

The rental fleet consists of Puritan Bennett, Caire, Pulsair and Penox equipment. Please call factory for a particular brand availability.

Monthly charges are as follows:

Base Units
Complete System
Deposit per Unit or System

Rent to Purchase Option:

Half of all paid rental fees will be applied to the purchase.* Customer must notify Cryofab if they wish to convert to purchase.

Deposit will be held in escrow and returned upon final inspection of returned rental equipment or applied to purchase if that is the avenue chosen.

Note: Barter system no longer available. Contact the factory at 1.800.426.2186 if you have any questions.

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