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Our best news by far is the introduction of a new comprehensive literature package encompassing all the products, services, accessories and parts from the LOX distribution end to the dealer placing units in the home. Emphasis has been placed on helping the customer identify the correct items with as little problem as possible. An example of this is our Parts section where items are cross referenced to original manufacturer part numbers and photos are numbered for visual identification.

Cryofab, Inc., the only full Service Repair center is also a manufacturer of cryogenic equipment. You can literally fulfill all of your requirements with us.

Introduction of a Mini Bulk Station for filling portables in nursing homes and hospitals Systems can be manufactured in 80, 110, 160 & 240 liter capacity with up to three different fill connections.

Introduction of "Ask Frank" on the website taking customer service to another level in an effort to enhance our value to you. E-mail us with questions and problems you are experiencing.

New innovative ideas such as fabricating the PB humidifier adapter out of stainless steel instead of chromed brass. No more snapping it off at the threads.

Cryofab, Inc. is the only authorized Pulsair/Devilbiss/Sunrise LOX service center with a COMPLETE inventory of parts including plastics.

MacroTech has named Cryofab as an authorized distributor of their medical fittings. We have purchasing power and pass this along to our customers!

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