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Our liquid distribution systems are designed to deliver quality as well as liquid cryogens to a customer site. All models exhibit a well thought out design that is user friendly and easily serviceable. Dimensionally, the tanks are fabricated to fit into enclosed vehicles and open bed trucks with excess room for other related items. A heavy duty and thermally efficient interior support system makes this product ideal for over the road deliveries and transport over long distances without the worries of lost product or structural failure.

The lowest guaranteed loss rates available
Enhanced suspension system for extended service life
User friendly plumbing for operation and maintenance
Common vent stack for simple pipe-away connections
A mounting scheme that is quick and easy
Structural dimensions that fit easily into enclosed vans
Liquid level gauge that reads in liters and pounds
Piping components that can be replaced without solder joints
Designed and manufactured to DOT 4L specifications
Stainless steel front head for welding integrity and cosmetic improvement
Regulator on the pressure builder for liquid savings and unattended operation

It's the details such as those listed above that set us apart from our competitors. Our attention to welds, polished finish, tubing bends, connections and overall workmanship are unmatched.


CLD 255
CLD 300
CLD 425
CHD 425

Capacity@22 PSIG 255 liters 300 425 425
Gross Capacity 275 320 450 450
Diameter 30" 30" 30" 36"
Height 43" 48" 61" 38.5"
Overall Length N/A N/A N/A 56"
Maximum Service Press 100 psig 100 psig 100 100
Operating Pressure 75 psig 75 psig 75 75
Regulator Setting 50 psig 50 psig 50 50
Relief Valve Setting 75 psig 75 psig 75 75
Secondary Relief 200 psig 200 psig 200 200
Static Loss Rate        
  LOX Service 1.1%/day 0.8%/day 0.7%/day 1.0%/day
  LN2 Service 1.75%/day 1.3%/day 1.0%/day 1.6%/day
  LARG Service 1.1%/day 0.8%/day 0.7%/day 1.0%/day
Empty Weight        
Weight Full        
  LOX 999 lbs. 1,165 lbs. 1,550 lbs. 1,700 lbs.
  LN2 815 lbs. 944 lbs. 1,237 lbs. 1,387 lbs.
  LARG 1,144 lbs. 1,336 lbs. 1,793 lbs. 1,942 lbs.

CHD 425

CHD Nomenclature

Full trycock valve
Fill/withdrawal valve
V-3 Pressure building valve
V-4 Road relief isolation valve
V-5 Vent valve
V-6 Isolation valve
RD-1 Rupture disc
RV-1 Relief Valve
PG-1 Pressure gauge
LG-1 Liquid level gauge
C-1 Vent connection
PCV-1 Pressure building regulator
PCV-2 Road relief regulator
PBC-1 Pressure building coil

CLD 255/300/425

CLD Nomenclature
V-1 Fill/withdrawal valve
V-2 Full trycock valve
V-3 Pressure building valve
V-4 Vent valve
RD-1 Rupture disc
RV-1 Relief valve
PG-1 Pressure gauge
LG-1 Liquid level gauge
C1 Vent Connection
PCV-1 Pressure building regulator
PBC-1 Pressure building coil

CLD/CHD Features [click image to enlarge]

In line regulator for pressure building system and liquid conservation. Accessibility to key components for repair and replacement. Dual scale liquid level gauge that reads in pounds and liters.

CLD/CHD Accessories [click image to enlarge]

Drip Pan
Dealer & Test Gauges
Fill Heads
Fill Hose
Fill Accessories
Hand Truck
Mounting Kit
Vent Kit
Vent Keys


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